St. James Parish Clerk of Court Recordation Fees

$ 10.00 each additional page
$  5.00 certified copy
$  5.00 per name after four names
Includes indexing up to 4 names.
A woman's married and maiden name counts as 2 names.
A name plus a/k/a counts as 2 names.
NOTE: any documents needing to be recording in both Mortgages and Conveyances. Records apply as noted above then times two.
APPEARANCE BONDS (this fee includes recordation, mortgage certificate & certified copy). $ 70.00
Cancellations: $ 30.00 1st page
$ 10.00 each additional page

$  5.00 certified copy
Real Estate Mortgage Certificates & Lien Certificate  
One name - one definable property
Each additional definable property
Each additional name
Each exception after 10th
$ 20.00
$ 20.00
$ 10.00
$  1.00
Certified copies if provided $ 5.00
Certificate of recordation $ 5.00
Certificate of cancellation $ 5.00
Xerox copies made by Clerk $ 1.00
Faxed copies $ 5.00 for 1st page
$ 1.00 for each additional page
Each document filed for recordation shall be captioned as to type of act on the First page and shall have on the first page a margin of two inches at the top and one inch at the bottom and sides. The type shall not be less that eight point for any document not in compliance there shall be an additional $ 10.00 for each document.

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